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In the heart of Michigan's mitten lies 36 square miles in Clare County called Greenwood Township.  With rolling hills, sparkling waters, scenic open spaces and hardwood forests and trails, it offers a multitude of recreational opportunities in a quiet setting.

Township Board Meetings:
1st Monday of the month (unless it is a holiday) at 7:00 pm

Mission Statement

We believe that Greenwood Township should be a proud community that serves as a model for others to follow, by fostering partnerships with its residents and businesses, and by helping and expecting all to be good citizens and neighbors.  We will:

  • Protect health, safety and welfare of all our residents

  • Provide safe, efficient, and progressive roadways

  • Fight for clean air and water

  • Preserve our agricultural heritage and open spaces

  • Preserve our historical resources and

  •  Provide high level, resident-friendly, service in a timely fashion.

Township Officers:
Supervisor- Lester Vida ~ Treasurer- David Lawrence ~ Clerk- Linda Bailow
Trustees: Barbara Ferrett and James Korman

Greenwood Township's location in Clare County


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