January, 2017

You Need To Know

As a taxpayer and resident, you should know that Greenwood Township continues its envied reputation throughout the County for maintaining financial stability.  By comparison, there are not many townships that can lay claim to being close.

Your dedicated Township Board will continue to focus on leveraging that fiscal strength in order to serve the overall needs of a diverse community even better in upcoming years. The ongoing challenge, and collective priority, is to insure effective use of Township revenues.


Unlike board members and commissioners at the county, state and federal levels, and unlike management teams in the business world, Michigan’s elected Township Board does not have an inherent hierarchy. Further, the duties and the responsibilities of each elected Board member have been defined, and are regulated, by (Michigan) statute. As an elected official, each member of the Board has a single vote in the decision-making processes for the Township.


Enacted in 1976, Michigan’s Open Meetings Act requires that all regular and special meetings of the township board must be open to the public. Further, MCL 15.263 provides that a person attending an open meeting has the right to record, tape or broadcast live on radio or television the proceedings of that meeting. However, the Township Board is permitted to establish reasonable regulations to minimize possible disruption of the meeting. Persons attending must afforded an opportunity for public comment, but the Board is authorized to determine when public comment occur as part of the overall meeting agenda, and for how long.

Your Greenwood Township Board wholly supports State guidelines. To respect the individual privacies of all attendees, a person wishing to record, tape or broadcast is asked to simply make that desire known to the Supervisor. The Supervisor has the authority to remove anyone considered to be a distraction or an impediment to enacting Township business. Public Comment time is noted on the Meeting Agenda, and is currently limited to 3 minutes per person.


With several amendments since the original legislation in 1977, the Freedom of Information Act provides that all township records, with some restrictions, are subject to public inspection by oral or written request. To be enforceable under FOIA guidelines, however, a request must be in writing. 

Persons interested in requesting specific public records under FOIA guidelines can go to the Greenwood Township website ( for detailed information, or contact the Greenwood Township Clerk, who is also our FOIA Coordinator. There are administrative and mailing fees for each document page requested. All fees must be prepaid.




We are blessed with a diverse community. Over the years, however, records show we’ve evolved considerably from nearly 100% working agricultural township, to now include many, many relocated and/or retired property owners who have chosen to reside here with Michigan Homestead declaration.  We’ve embraced numerous Amish who’ve chosen to reside and raise their families in Greenwood.  And we are still an area of choice for many who elect to come here for seasonal relaxation and vacation, maintaining their permanent residence outside of Greenwood Township.


But only those who call Greenwood Township their home, whether they are property owners or full-time renters, have the right and the opportunity to impact local government: with their vote, with their attendance at Township meetings and with their actions within the community.


We must all recognize that full-time residents of Greenwood Township have the greatest investment…with local commerce, with schools and churches, and with ongoing social activity.  That daily impact continues to shape the overall landscape, and helps determine the future needs of the community. It is our residents to whom we hold the highest allegiance.


         Jess McClaughrySupervisor   Dave LawrenceTreasurer    

      Linda BailowClerk      Jim KormanTrustee       Barb Ferrett - Trustee